You'll notice this video is 9 minutes long, but you can't help but watch and wonder if this drunk UConn student will get his Bacon Jalapeño Mac & Cheese, get his butt kicked or get arrested. Warning language is NSFW...

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utstnx104 months
he got every bot pf what he deserved. He wasnt leaving till he got arrested. The manager needs a raise for keeping hi cool
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slutiger5104 months
Spoiled brat. He and his parents need attitude adjustments.
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aVatiger104 months
pizza girl ain't got shite on this kid...
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earl keese104 months
What a dipshit. His mouth is gonna write a check his arse can't cash on of these days if he continues to act like that. Props to the manager for keeping a cool head.
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jdutto3104 months
Why didn't they just give him the Bacon Jalapeno Mac and Cheese???
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a want104 months
Everybody was so much more accommodating than I would have been. I would have "accidentally" dropped my knee into his teeth while he was "struggling".

God, I could never be a cop.
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Cheese Grits104 months
Kid is an idiot but he got to the manager. Better if the manager talked him down and eased him out the door. I used to work at a very tough late nite place and had to deal with drunks worse than him all the time. I did like the possible semi Downs cook getting involved. Hard to beat Downs kid strength.
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PhilemonThomas104 months
That right there is a fine example of a Millennial.
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GeauxToBed104 months
Larry :bow:

Well done Mr. Leo!
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TNG8r104 months
The guy took it longer than I would have!
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tigerfootball10104 months
Soon as he touched his name tag he should have broke his nose
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Le Tenia104 months
What an idiot
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Ignignot104 months
that kid has a very punchable face
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