Urban Meyer Brags That He’s Won Championships At Ohio State.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Ohio State won their first conference championship under Urban Meyer last Saturday. In 2012 the Buckeyes won their division, but were ineligible to play for a title and lost in the championship game to Michigan State in 2013. For some reason on Saturday, Urban wanted to remind everyone what's done in Columbus...

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earl keese111 months
Good Lord, what an conceited arse.
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WPBTiger111 months
Reminding the fans because he will win nothing the rest of this season.
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LittleRockHog501111 months
He is admiring his work. I see no problem with it. Then again I forgot this is the SEC rant amd Urban is the devil.
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pellietigersaint111 months
He's recruiting via social media. Welcome to 2015
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utstnx111 months
Big 10 champs!!!! bWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
user avatar
11thACR110 months
Urban is #1 in Conceited...a big part of the reason he has this tOSU job.
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