During Tuesday night's Toledo vs.Central Michigan the ref stopped the game briefly to tell the band and cheerleaders to stop making noise during the snap...


Um, I'm sorry, but what is this guy smokin'? Aren't the band and cheerleaders there to do just that?
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hombreman9101 months
Larry, nice try. Scooter, way to set him straight.
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Skooter101 months
The band, as far as I know, is supposed to stop playing by a certain point in the play clock. Didn't know that was the case for cheerleaders.

But the NCAA rules say:
9-2-1-b-5 - "Persons subject to the rules, including bands, shall not create any noise that prohibits a team from hearing its signals (Rule 1-1-6)."
1-1-6-b - "Those persons subject to the rules are: Everyone in the team area, players, substitutes, replaced players, coaches, athletics trainers, cheerleaders, band members, mascots, public-address announcers, audio and video system operators, and other persons affiliated with the teams or institutions."
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