The New York Times released this college football map, surveying Facebook data from every county in the United States to find out where people care about college football the most. Here are the results...

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This is silly. I am in tampa and it's not even close to red. Tampa is stupid for football. It is based off of FB data. What is that ? I am calling bs
Reply81 months
Bama taking the lead, this map came from facebook stats which makes it even more impressive when you consider the majority of the 85% do not own a computer or have the electricity to operate one let alone have a facebook page.
Reply81 months
New respect for the Oregonian College Football Fan...
Northeast, the cradle of college football and football itself, just doesn't get it.
Reply81 months
CWILL.....You are in danger of being called an elitist prick.
Reply81 months
cwill - how do you make this statement? I've never understood this especially coming from west coasters. Outside of surfing, I'm 100% positive I do the same shite and live a similar lifestyle to someone in California or people like cwill who make these dumb arse comments.
Reply81 months
Looks like those who care the most have little else to live for.
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