NFL Scout Says He'd Trade His Team's Defense For Ohio State's
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
According to the NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, during Ohio State's pro day on Friday, one unnamed NFL scout said he'd give up his team's defense for Ohio State's defense in a heart beat...

I was on the phone with [a scout] just the other day. ... He said, 'I would trade our NFL defense right now for the Ohio State defense in a heartbeat. I'd do it right now. When you hear that you [think], 'C'mon,' but you start going through the three levels of the defense, and even some younger guys that aren't eligible in this draft class. Oh my gosh, this is a loaded football team.
Uh, that's a bold statement.

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utstnx96 months
Man...if they would trade for OU D. What would they give for Bamas?
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someoldhussy96 months
Sounds like the Saints need a gag order in place for the scouting department.
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