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This is straight out of an episode of "Intervention." New Mexico State University offensive line coach Chris Symington resigned Wednesday following a pair of criminal citations this week involving an addiction to huffing. Per Las Cruces Sun-News...

On Sunday night, Lac Cruces police cited Symington after they found him “slumped over sitting in his vehicle and apparently having seizures,” according to a report. Two days later, police responded to a call from a local CVS, where Symington had locked himself in a bathroom and was huffing compressed air.

“Right now our concern is for Chris’ health and helping him get better,” Aggies head coach Doug Martin said in a press release. “Myself and the staff support coach Symington and will do everything we can to help him. His health is more important right now than the game of football.”
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"I'm innocent, roll tide." -Chris Symington
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