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Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was deemed to have not violated the University conduct code amid the rape allegations against him. Per ESPN:

A woman had accused Winston of sexually assaulting her in his off-campus apartment in December 2012.

"The preponderance of the evidence has not shown that you are responsible for any of the charge violations of the Code," Major Harding, a former Florida State Supreme Court Chief Justice who oversaw the case, said in a letter to the parties obtained by the Associated Press and USA Today. "Namely, I find that the evidence before me is insufficient to satisfy the burden of proof."

"This was a complex case, and I worked hard to make sure both parties had a full and fair opportunity to present information," Harding said in the statement.
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11thACR110 months
The woman was at Fault....everyone knows that.
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Lithium110 months
I wonder what would hav happened if they weren't playing for the National Championship or if he was just a star Lacrosse player
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oneusairman110 months
I wonder how they came up with this since they were not allowed to question him at the hearing. All he did was read from a statement his lawyer gave him. Sounds like a honest ruling to me.

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WorkinDawg110 months
Wow, I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.
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Rabern57110 months
I guess Sandusky is wishing he had worked for FSU. It's not against the rules there.
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lsusteve1110 months
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