On College GameDay on Saturday, ESPN's Chris Fowler defended recent criticism from fans and coaches that his network is biased towards the SEC. He actually used the word "stupid"...


“I’m a little defensive, but I get defensive when stupid, uninformed stuff gets repeated again and again, and somehow people all over the world think we have a stake in having three teams from this league [the SEC] get in.”

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From the standpoint of viewer ratings having the SEC involved is critical, and having more than one SEC team certainly won't hurt.

The SEC has MORE THAN twice the viewer rating of any other college network/conference and is second only to the NFL as a market entity.

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California is a must, notredame they like, Okla ,texas , upper Midwest they cant do with out , middle sec country and a team or two from the east coast they don't mind, But LSU costs them a lot of tv sets which is the reason they are trying to give the impression that a field would have won the game for old miss !
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