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Nebraska head coach, the good ole Bo Pelini, signed very highly recruited offensive linemen Tanner Farmer, from Highland, Illinois on Wednesday. How, may you ask did he land the very sought after big fella? Pelini challenged Farmer, who's also a wrestler, to a little match in his parents’ living room. According to

"Pelini made his in-home visit recently. He promised Tanner nothing, Brian said, except an opportunity. Followers of Nebraska recruiting know that’s been Pelini’s style from the start. They know, too, that Pelini harbors a secret side for silliness. The Twitter jabs with Faux Pelini. The Harlem Shake dance. Add a wrestling match in the Farmers’ living room to the list.
I bet you can’t take me down, Pelini joked with Tanner. Farmer hesitated. Pelini is pretty tall and in good shape. But he’s not a wrestler.
Go on, boy, Brian told his son. If he wants to go, go.
You scared to take me down? Pelini said to Tanner.
The strongest player in Nebraska’s 2014 class got Pelini in a hold and lifted him up in the air. There, a potential takedown turned into a big hug between coach and player."
Would love to see a Pelini vs. Lou Holtz match.
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gthog61121 months
think the Penn State kids were just a little bit younger
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Veritas121 months
That's got Penn State written all over it.
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