Bo Pelini Drove Around With His Son Acting Like A Evil Witch
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports
While we were all sitting down to dinner or cozying up to watch Netflix on Tuesday night, Youngstown State football coach Bo Pelini was driving around with his son while acting like a witch...
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You know, typical father and son stuff.

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rcsetiger108 months
The music was more disturbing.
user avatar
TutHillTiger108 months
Gotta like Bo, and Faux Pellini
user avatar
lsuhunt555108 months
What if he really is @FauxPelini? :mindblown:
user avatar
OleRockyTop108 months
I think he might be an Evil Witch IRL
user avatar
betweenthebara108 months
This is the most beautiful wtf moment I've seen in some time.
user avatar
3rdPart Tiger108 months
*AN evil witch
user avatar
Croot108 months
Are the listening to The Carpenters?
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