2015 Michigan Football Tickets Are Designed As 1927 Throwbacks
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
While Tennessee's 2015 football tickets were designed to look like Jack Daniels labels, Michigan took a different route designing theirs to resemble the school's 1927 tickets...

Per Michigan...

As we celebrate 150 years of Michigan Athletics, we honor this great stadium’s special place in our history by replicating the 1927 dedication game ticket, while this year’s team poster is reflective of the 1927 dedication game program.

In keeping with the original creative process of the 1927 ticket, the center portion of the 2015 ticket was traced by hand, including the type and various shapes. The background of this year’s tickets was drawn freehand to match the original ticket, not unlike how the designer in 1927 would have hand-drawn it.
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