ESPN's Dick Vitale Said Virginia Fans 'Love their hoes'
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Oh, Dickie V. While doing Virginia's game against Louisville on Saturday, ESPN's Dick Vitale said, "They love their hoes, they love 'em here," when he meant to say "wahoos"...


Per Wikipedia...

An unofficial moniker, the Wahoos, or 'Hoos for short, based on the University's rallying cry "Wah-hoo-wah!" is also commonly used. Though originally only used by the student body, both terms — Wahoos and 'Hoos — have come into wide use by the media as well.
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Sal Minella109 months
@Gumbo1 - Funny story. While at LSU in the 90s, I saw Dickie V at a game. I didn't try to interrupt him while he was working and got an autograph from him.
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Gumbo1109 months
Funny and true story when I was at LSU at the PMAC in 90 (when Shaq was all the talk of college basketball). Keep in mind, I was (still am but not as much) a Dickie V fan and think he is a great commentator that brings a lot of excitement to the game.

Before the game, Dickie V was chatting it up to the camera and I was about 6 rows behind him in the student section. He was facing the camera with the student section behind the camera man. I was yelling "Dick" to get his attention and get a wave or even a small acknowledgement. I kept yelling "Dick" repeatedly. After not getting any love from him after 3+ minutes of yelling his name, I felt he could/should take a second to simply wave at a fan. I got sort of pissed. Finally, I said, "you, dick" in a disappointed way, he finally looked over and the student section burst into laughter. I know immature of me but hell Dickie V must think his shite don't stink.
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OleRockyTop109 months
Well they do
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lsusteve1109 months
Well, I'm sure he's correct
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