Even if you drew this play up, it wouldn't have gone down this perfectly. University of Rochester was down 76-73 to University of Chicago when junior guard Sam Borst-Smith headed to the line with 2.7 seconds left and misses his free-throw perfectly to set up this winning shot by his teammate Mack Montague...
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pellietigersaint97 months
are yall high or stupid.

1. It clearly hit the rim
2. he makes the 1st free throw to go down 2. then they hit the 3 to win by 1

its not that hard people. now I realize why most LSU basketball threads are filled with tards
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stonedbegonias97 months
"Thought it had to hit the rim?"

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TNG8r97 months
Thought it had to hit the rim?
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theBru97 months
Cuz it's Larry reporting and he forgot to tell us the kid made the first free throw...
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HailFreezusOver97 months
But they did draw up that play Larry.

It is clear that was there intended plan.

And they executed it.
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Off McVoy97 months
If it was 76-73, how did yhat shot WIN the game?
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