According to ESPN Deportes, Shaquille O’Neal might play in a Mexican Basketball League..."

Sergio Ganem, president of Fuerza Regia, National League team professional basketball Mexico (LNBP) confirmed negotiating with Shaquille O’Neal to play one or two games of the 2012-13 season with the team in October. The manager said they have spoken by telephone with former player to convince him to return to the activity, the response is expected early next week and will depend largely on the agenda of Shaq and his commitment as a commentator .

The invitation came last August when the former NBA visited Monterrey for social work with a community youth center in a wheelchair.

Fuerza Regia has stood in for his hiring LNBP unusual as Dennis Rodman who in 2004 played two regular season games and Chinese Sun Ming Ming of 2.36 mts. The League’s 2012-13 season began on Tuesday 4 September."
I hope he stays put on TNT.
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Katdances138 months
He can play one or two games in mexico and still stay w tnt. No issue whatsoever.
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