This is going to be a fun NBA season if we get one with Shaq now on the TNT/NBA TV squad. In his NBA TV debut Shaq let it be known his lack of respect for the Heat's Chris Bosh. When asked about the Heat next season O'Neal said...

"The Miami Heat, they've got a lot of great players, the `Big 2.' They will be back,"... "LeBron James is taking a lot of criticism, but I know LeBron very well. He hears everything that everyone is saying, so I think he's going to come back and have an MVP year this year."..."Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, you know, they're great players, they're probably the greatest backcourt ever assembled," O'Neal said. "And you know, they're going to get back. They're going to get back. They play well, they went through a lot, they put a lot of pressure on themselves. That's how they like it. And they will be back."
The Big Diesel played with Wade in Miami and James in Cleveland.
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I'd argue that Bosh is more of an asset when the playoffs come. His numbers and effort was consistent where LBJ's #'s lack come pressure time. The dude is a beast, but mentally can't hack it.
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