During Friday night's Grizzlies vs. Lakers game, NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe had a confrontation with some Memphis players. On Monday morning, he started Undisputed by apologizing to everyone involved...
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Bandits5813 months
He’s an idiot !
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L1C413 months
Damn. He apologized his arse off. Bruh.
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kpop113 months
I just wonder if it were Skip Bayless having the meltdown and calling out players and completely embarrassing the NBA if he might have been escorted out of the arena and asked to never come back??

Just a thought.
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Kracka13 months
You don't have to wonder. Look how they treat fans that are courtside, or within ears reach of players. They cause far far less trouble compared to Sharp and they are often escorted out, or all out banned from ever attending games. Now I am not asking or suggesting Sharp be banned or escorted out. I am just saying there needs to be the same consequences on both sides.
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