Kick a man when he is down...with a giant sign on the highway. This billboard in San Antonio praises the Spurs' Tim Duncan while ripping the Heat's LeBron James' decision to opt out of his contract...
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Phat Phil116 months
LeBitch is a turncoat
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Tommy Patel116 months
could not happen to a better fan base Spurs>Heat
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Beats2Geaux116 months
Well, it's true.
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SaintLSUnAtl116 months
I don't care about the NBA much, but he hasn't actually left Miami yet. He just opted out with the option to return

Also, didn't Miami beat San Antonio last year?

But you gotta love how this board, and it seems like many people in general, hate on other people for their success. Lebron, Manziel, etc, etc...
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