Nike released new shoes to celebrate Kevin Durant's 2013-14 NBA MVP season called the new "KD VI NIKEiD MVP." This statement came with them...

His mental focus this season allowed him to cut through the clutter, represented by the pixelated KD VI NIKEiD MVP graphic. Key stats from the year—including Durant's 31+ points per game scoring average, 41 consecutive game streak scoring 25+ points and two 50+ point games—appear through an intentionally blurred graphic that becomes clear with these bright stats.

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PrimeTime Money118 months
Because high-tops really don't prevent ankle sprains any more than low-tops. Plus, players have their ankles taped up before games regardless of what kind of shoe they are wearing, so all a high-top shoe does is slow you down because of the extra weight.
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TheCaterpillar118 months
PrimeTime is right. They all tape their ankles so tight the low tops don't matter and it makes them a bit quicker and lighter.

Now, if you're playing in your local overweight YMCA league and have middle-aged ankles, the high-tops tied super tight might be a good idea.
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BRMIKEY118 months
I will never understand why someone would play ball in low tops. Especially if their ankles are worth millions of dollars. Oh and these are butt ungly.
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