Charles Barkley Shares His Honest Opinion On Tim Tebow's NFL Return
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During his appearance on ESPN Chicago's "Waddle and Silvy" this week, Charles Barkley shared his honest thoughts on Tim Tebow returning to the NFL to play tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars...

“To think he can just come pick up another position. I just think, I think you’re just being disrespectful to jocks, saying ‘Oh, I haven’t been playing football, but I can come and be a pro at it.’ I just think that’s impossible personally,” Barkley said, via Saturday Down South.

“Listen, Michael Jordan tried, he tried to play baseball. You can’t just go play a pro sport, that doesn’t make sense, and I think the some of the guys, listen, need to just ease up. If he makes it. I don’t know if he can make it, but come on man, there’s worse things going on than Tim Tebow.”
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Number 1 selling jersey in the nfl (currently) + league minimum salary + eases the offseason pressure and potential busts conversation on your overall 1st pick = great move by Jags. I think the Jags might make money on this deal.
Reply22 days
Barkley continues to speak for the everyday normal functioning rationale American. Damn, I love me some Chuck!!
Reply23 days
LEAGUE MINIMUM! Why people are giving ths sooo much attention to throw shade (Barkley didn't shade here like others have though) or discredit him is crazy. If they signed him to a $5M deal then I'd say year people can jump all over that contract. League minimum for an A+ athlete in phenomenal shape, and it's in the same sport. I don't think any expects him to have 75rec/800yard/7TDs, but he can have 25/300/2 plus some gadget plays and decoy plays that and that would be great valvue for league minimum.
Reply23 days
Tebow should have done this ten years ago. The window for a tight end is usually closed by now.
Reply23 days
Not ideal, but not impossible. Graham 34, Tebow 33, Gronk 32, Kelce 31, Rudolph 31, Ertz 30. He’d already be at the back end of his career though.
23 days
Jordan switched sports. Tebow only changing positions. He was brought in for more than producing on the field.
Reply23 days
Tebow played baseball much better than Jordan did.
23 days
It may or may not happen. But all of these so called experts of "All Sports" will be eating their words if Tebow does make it, LOL!
Reply23 days
Unfortunately, the same ones will just repeat the tired narrative and double down that it just reaffirms "white privilege" is alive and well.
22 days
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