If ESPN's Stephen A. Smith ever actually ran for president, would he get Charles Barkley's vote? During a recent episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show, Chuck answered...

“Yes,” Barkley said. “Let me tell you why, because I know you don’t have an evil bone in your body and I don’t think you have an agenda. That’s all I want. Even if you vote for somebody, you’re not gonna agree on every subject.”
Jump to the 16:15 mark...
(The Spun)
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CR40901 month
Barkley and Smith are both clowns.
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Walt OReilly1 month
Can’t be any worse than who is in office now
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CanebreakCajun1 month
Doesn't have an agenda....
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gamecockman121 month
What an awful mental image. Dumbass Stephen A Smith as President. Yikes.
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Jwils1 month
Looks alot like Kamala...
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