The New York Times released this map that shows by zip code which region of the country roots for which Major League Baseball team. Kind of interesting...

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Deltatiger121 months
White Sox, Mets, A's??? Doesn't seem very believable.
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dustytiger123121 months
The grey in Louisiana is because they couldnt believe that we could all be cubs fans
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SamGinn Cam121 months
Id say Buffalo New York is all Red Sox
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SanJoseTigerFan121 months
Where are the A's?
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StormTiger121 months
wonder what Texas would have looked like in September of 2005. I suspect the Astros coverage would have been more more expansive across S / S Cen Texas (San Antonio, Corpus, etc)
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Socrates Johnson121 months
How am I supposed to know what the pink spot in Wyoming is? Is Northern Alaska a bunch of Reds fans?
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jknoles12121 months
No one likes the mets
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StrangeBrew121 months
SE LA does not gaf
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Emiliooo121 months
So what your saying is, the fans like their home town teams?
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