Philadelphia Phillies Players Believe Coronavirus Vaccine Causes Injuries
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As the NFL, MLB, and NBA try to get their teams vaccinated to avoid losing players for games, the Philadelphia Phillies failed to reach the 85 percent vaccination threshold yesterday, and at least part of the reasoning is that some believe there is a connection between getting vaccinated and getting injured. Per The Athletic...

Many Phillies players have bristled at MLB’s protocols, but they are the same set of rules for every team. Team officials will not divulge how many players aren’t vaccinated. It is a meaningful number, to the point that months ago, the Phillies were certain they would never reach the 85 percent threshold. The clubhouse’s contentious relationship with the vaccine is driven by a handful of influential players who have voiced opposition to it. Some of them have already contracted COVID-19 and consider the antibodies as enough protection, although the CDC recommends people who’ve had the virus still be vaccinated. Other Phillies players have questioned whether injuries they’ve suffered were a result of vaccine side effects.

When Kintzler experienced neck pain, he attributed it to a Johnson & Johnson vaccine he received in the first week of the season. His body, he said, shut down and that forced him to compensate during an outing. Didi Gregorius has told teammates he thought the vaccine led to his pseudogout diagnosis. When asked last month if he had a theory about what caused his elbow issues, Gregorius said: “I have no clue. So, I’m not sure. Let’s go with that. Because if I start saying things, it’s going to turn into a whole thing.” Archie Bradley alluded to the vaccine when he injured his oblique in April.

“I think everyone should recover for a week from that thing,” Kintzler said of the vaccine last month. “Archie strained his oblique after it. (Matt) Joyce had back problems. There has to be some science behind it.”
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over 400k injury reports filed with VAERS and that's estimated to be less than 6% of actual injuries. Yall have fun with your injection bullshite
Reply2 months
Well duh. My father was doing great until he subjected himself to the frankenshot. He has since suffered a stroke, is on oxygen probably for the rest of his life, an not has cataracts issues. These are all new symptoms he never had previously.
Reply2 months
My wife got the shot and the second shot was this past week and within 6 hours of the shot her foot swelled up really bad and the swelling went up her leg. Went to Doctor said she had an infection. Seems kind of ironic with the timing.
Reply2 months
Regardless, it should always be up to the individual to decide what to inject or not to inject into their bodies. Government should play no role in that decision.
Reply2 months
Will you let the same rules apply if someone wants too have an abortion? The GOP government at all levels full time tries to impose their beliefs on people regarding abortion for just one example. Eye for an eye right?
2 months
Amazing that Baseball players are smarter than the idiots running the show. And faulcci and the CDC has flip flopped so much. Who knows what to believe.
Reply2 months
Their thoughts on this seem more reasonable than people in peak physical condition getting a vaccine for a virus that would have no effect on them.
Reply2 months
No effect? Oh is that so?
2 months
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