Miguel Cabrera Says Astros 2017 World Series Is Not Tainted, 'That's Bulls***'
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While everyone hates on the Houston Astros cheating their way to a 2017 World Series, Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera thinks their title is not tainted at all...

The MLB superstar didn't mince words in an interview with ESPN this week ... saying straight-up Houston earned its '17 ring, despite its massive sign-stealing, cheating scandal that season.

"In the end ... it's baseball," the future Hall of Famer said. "[Try to] go ahead and do it like those guys did."

It's a hot take from Cabrera ... considering most of Miguel's baseball peers wildly disagree.
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I knew I liked Miguel Cabrera.
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OchoDedos35 months
TMZ? Sports gossip? Who knew?
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eddieray35 months
Not tainted in my eyes.
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Bth51735 months
If you have a guy in the tunnel on a laptop giving you the pitch and you don't think that's cheating? To quote Nell Carter "Gimme a Break."
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Roll Clyde Roll35 months
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy35 months
Sign stealing has been going on for decades. As technology expands so do the sign stealing tactics. Kind of like that TV show where the masked magician revealed all these illusions. It simply forces teams to get more creative with the way they do shit
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bayourougebengal35 months
Only Astros fans and people who don't know baseball think it was about sign stealing. It was about cheating using electronics, which is forbidden by WRITTEN rules.
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SomeLSUguy35 months
Bayou, what about just about every pitcher using some sort of sticky substance to increase their spin rate? That is also a written rule... maybe, just maybe, the hitters are tired of being at a disadvantage.
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Cliff Booth35 months
My man
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Loaner123135 months
100% tainted.
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