The SEC Network released commercials on Tuesday for each team in the SEC. Here's is LSU's commercial set to the Guru song "Loungin'".

Per YouTube:

Some schools have real live mascots come to their games, but few have real live mascots living on their campus. At LSU, Mike the Tiger is part of the family— and life ain't too shabby.

The SEC Network launches August 14th. Go to to demand the network from your TV Provider.
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DEANintheYAY119 months
"gangsta raps" That's about the furthest thing from Gangsta rap.
user avatar
BayouBandit24123 months
wasn't horrible
user avatar
tkr1407123 months
I kinda liked it
user avatar
BoudreauxinGA123 months
My question is this: What dufus decided on the music? For goodness sake....know who your audience is! Last time I checked, fourteen year olds into gangsta raps and wearing flat bills didn't pay my hefty monthly cable bill. If this is what we have to look forward to out the SEC Network, I will take a pass.
user avatar
stonedbegonias123 months
Pretty bad lol.
What's with zooming in on a really shitty painting of a tiger? lmao
user avatar
skullopener123 months
I agree that was terrible. My 2 yr old can make better videos on my Iphone!!
user avatar
LateArrivalforLSU123 months
Mother of God. That's atrocious.
user avatar
tigerbutt123 months donkey d
user avatar
La Place Mike123 months
That was bad.
user avatar
idlewatcher123 months
Would not watch again.
user avatar
NorthshoreTiger76123 months
that sucks
user avatar
timm6971463123 months
I don't like anything that comes out of Alabama
user avatar
MiloTealeaf123 months
Quick check of the networks:
AT&T and Dish = In
Cox, Eatel, DirectTV = No dice
user avatar
mylsuhat123 months
Well that's just horrible
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