This picture of the new flat screen TV's, which will replace the old bulky box TV's inside Tiger Stadium was posted on the Tiger Rant Friday afternoon. Check it out:

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And here's a picture of the TV's from LSU's Spring Game on Saturday.

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HoustonGumbeauxGuy70 months
They could have at least TRIED to match the paint on the purple support column. Or maybe touch up that column. Looks like a velociraptor was scratching at that thing.
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Did American Pickers get them?
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baobabtiger70 months
That’s a lot of available ad space on that tv that’s showing the game.
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crewdepoo70 months
Much needed
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MaHittaMaHitta70 months
This is the first time I've seen a front page article citing a source from a tRant thread. Sweet!
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Friar Tuck70 months
So they can show the menus for the crappy concessions?
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Spankum70 months
Oh heavens....what will we find to complain about now?.... Seriously, though...that does look a whole lot better than last year. They are making progress every year.
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goodgrin70 months
So... it only took LSU 35 years to replace the old box TVs?
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