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Love these WR’s! Wow what a difference in 4 years. Sure LSU has always churned out 2-3 stars every 3-4 years but this group has the potential to have 3-4 stars in one group, very much like 2019. It may not be this year but we’ll still have solid players like in the past with Boutte as the star and then the freshman are in that mold of Boutte, Jefferson, Marshall and Chase. They will simply need that adjustment time, then it’s on! WR’s when the ball is in the air but a RB when they hit the ground. That’s what I like about these guys! Tough tough ball carriers but can also catch anything. I love that catch in traffic drill, that’s bad ass! Give them hell until he catches the ball. That will make these guys great WR’s. Boy this year sure feels different fellas! We might beat the snot out of UCLA. This DL ain’t playing games and our DC is a DB specialist with two of the best corners in the nation as well as the competition and depth we have at LB? This team is loaded! Looking much more like the Saban and Early Miles years! Go Tigers!
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