Dynamic Performance Training posted this Instagram video on Sunday of LSU freshman running back Leonard Fournette doing some offseason workouts:

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kjntgr115 months
What field is he on? Looks like shit, patchy grass and dust flying up
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co_t84115 months
That is a large, fast, scary man!
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LSU-MNCBABY115 months
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LSUzealot115 months
Is it gay that I was sad the video was only a few seconds?
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purpleleaf115 months
Like a wild animal. He is a beast. So glad you are a tiger Leonard!
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Ole Geauxt115 months
smooothe acceleration
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SouljaBreauxTellEm115 months
What a monster! WOW!
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abellsujr115 months
He looks like he's in better shape than he did before. Damn that guy is a beast! He could be a great DE or LB.
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titleist71115 months
Haha, this guy better be a world beater for his sake
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Johnny3tears115 months
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