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There has been a lot going on with players transferring in and out of the LSU Football program over the last month or so. Here's where things stand now:

LSU players who entered the Transfer Portal (18):
*DB Jordan Toles (Played at Morgan State in 2022)
*LB Phillip Webb (Committed to Jackson State)
*LB Antoine Sampah (Campbell)
WR Jack Bech (TCU)
CB Demarius McGhee (Kansas)
DB Radarious Jones (Miss. State)
TE Kole Taylor (West Virginia)
LB Desmond Little (UAB)
LB Kolbe Fields (Louisiana Tech)
OL Cam Wire (Tulane)
DB/RB Derrick Davis (Pittsburgh)
OL Marcus Dumervil (Maryland)
OL Xavier Hill (Memphis)
CB Jaelyn Davis-Robinson (SMU)
LB DeMario Tolan (Auburn)
QB Walker Howard (Ole Miss)
DE Zavier Carter (UNLV)
OL Kardell Thomas

*Note: Toles, Sampah, and Webb left the team in August and were not listed on the roster this fall. Toles transferred to Morgan State in August.

LSU Transfer Portal Signees (11):
WR/RS Aaron Anderson (From Alabama)
DT Jordan Jefferson (West Virginia)
DT Jalen Lee (Florida)
DE Paris Shand (Arizona)
Edge Bradyn Swinson (Oregon)
Edge Ovie Oghoufo (Texas)
CB Denver Harris (Texas A&M)
CB Zy Alexander (Southeastern Louisiana)
CB Darian "Duce" Chestnut (Syracuse)
CB JK Johnson (Ohio State)
LB Omar Speights (Oregon State)

1-wide receiver/return specialist
5-defensive linemen

The December/January transfer portal window will close next Wednesday.

TigerDroppings user Damathe has a great thread on the Recruiting Board with everything you need to know going on with LSU transfers. Check it out.
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user avatar
TNoon15 months
user avatar
Chrome15 months
Still scratching my head over Walker. Red shirt freshman this year. Next year as a true freshman he's behind Daniels and Nuss. So Walker figures he can't beat out Nuss in his sophomore year?
user avatar
tigerpawl15 months
Coaches are reluctant to favor anyone without prior experience. Advantage: Nuss
user avatar
Sevensblue15 months
Bigger loss Carter or Howard?
user avatar
LaPride5515 months
user avatar
homeless115 months
walker is a loser because he's entitled with no chest.he want to be with his bech.processed brother from a loser culcha
user avatar
crossfire15 months
Extremely impressive haul of players. Hopefully we will get a linebacker or two. Kelly is building the lines and that’s all we’ve asked for, forever. With dline depth we will improve drastically. Wingo Erik no longer have to take over 70 reps every single game.
user avatar
Bayoubengal20515 months
You're right. This is a huge part of Georgia's success, great depth of quality defensive linemen
user avatar
Fisherchefjeff15 months
No lb's
user avatar
CapitolB15 months
Patience is a virtue
user avatar
TigahTeeth15 months
Strong arse CB haul!
user avatar
Geaux Guy15 months
We’ve definitely won this game. Massive upgrades.
user avatar
stang1415 months
Old fart here. This transfer portal has ruined the game. In the 60’s and 70’s players came in from high school and you could follow their progress. Who with a functioning mind cares anymore?
user avatar
SKUD15 months
You are exactly right, my DD committed to play SB for D1 power 5 in Texas , there’s over 1000 girls in there especially the 4 year girls chasing the ring. 2025 OU an Texas to the SEC. This will get even worse.
user avatar
RazzleDazzle15 months
How much longer until football season?
user avatar
MSTiger3315 months
We need some linebackers.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun15 months
Ovie will play lb.
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