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Clay Travis with Fox Sports selected LSU head coach Les Miles at No. 11 in his latest Top 25 Coaches In College Football article. Here is how Travis came up with his list:

That is, let's pretend that every coach was available at the same exact moment. Who would be the top targets? Essentially, who are the top 25 coaches in college football at this exact moment?
Miles landed at No. 11 as the third highest ranked coach from the SEC, behind Nick Saban (No.2) and Gus Malzahn (No.8).

11. Les Miles
Les Miles is probably the most disrespected coach in college football. Certainly, he's the most disrespected current coach with a national title. Fun fact, did you know that there are only five current coaches with national titles: Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Jimbo Fisher, and Bob Stoops?
You can read more about what Travis had to say about Miles here.
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tes fou107 months
I guess he forgot about the 96 title for Spurrier. Rank coaches however you want but don't throw out an "interesting fact" to show how smart you are and get it completely wrong.
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BayouBengal6884107 months
maybe not, but JH was a good coach at Standford and did extremely well in SF
can't discount him as not being a highly ranked coach
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LSUDVM1999107 months
Harbaugh??? The guy hasn't even coached a game yet at Michigan.
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What about Steve Spurrier?
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GeauxTGRZ107 months
Clay Travis with Fox Sports

Stopped reading there.
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cameron789787107 months
It really doesn't affect me that much anymore since I just expect Miles to be on the outside looking in on all these top 25 coaches list, but how in the hell is Bob Stoops always in the fricking top 5?
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Mouth107 months
I love how this guy says Miles is the most disrespected coach in college, and couples him in with Saban, Myer, Fisher and Stoops as active champions....

.... then ranks him 11th lol.
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