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The four-team College Football Playoff was announced Sunday.

College Football Playoff Semifinals

Rose Bowl:
No. 1 Michigan vs. No. 4 Alabama
5 p.m., ESPN

Sugar Bowl:
No. 2 Washington vs. No. 3 Texas
8:45 p.m., ESPN

Undefeated ACC Champions Florida State were left out of the playoff. The No. 5 Seminoles will face No. 6 Georgia in the Orange Bowl.

The Complete College Football Playoff Rankings will be revealed Sunday afternoon.
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CDawson3 months
Washington is not the second best team in America. Georgia would boat race them.
user avatar
Jdublsu3 months
Bama always F everything up
user avatar
Pepe Lepew3 months
And remember when the BCS was bad…
user avatar
inthebr3 months
They’re showing why a playoff expansion is necessary.
user avatar
I’d be shocked if somebody’s pockets weren’t lined with wealthy alumni from Austin
user avatar
Milosh3 months
I know. Texas is hot garbage. What the committee said is a one loss Big12 team is better than the zero loss ACC champion. Because of course the SEC champion has to be in.
user avatar
Never thought I would see the day that a team would run the tables in a power, five conference and not even make the top four ranking.
user avatar
jbird73 months
Committee failed the sport today.
user avatar
heypaul3 months
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