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TCU cornerback Jason Verrett is claiming that he shut down Odell Beckham when the two faced each other in last year's season opener in Dallas. Here is what he had to say, per

“I mean I shut down a lot of elite receivers,” Verrett said. “You know Odell Beckham, Kenny Stills, Terrance Williams, Eric Ward. I shut down a lot of receivers and I led the nation in the last two years with 38 passes defended, 30 pass breakups, and 8 interceptions. So I feel like the film speaks more for itself than actually me telling you that I’m a ball hawker or that I tackle well because I feel like I’m showcasing all of that on the football field.”
Odell Beckham Jr had 5 receptions for 118 yards vs. TCU in that game...

You can see Beckham making a play with Verrett defending him at the 2:10 mark in this video, not to mention all the other great plays he made in this game throughout the whole video:

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Ironhead985111 months
No. It was said in April. Tigerdroppings just has old shite still on here.
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eddieray111 months
Every time OBJ makes headlines, this guy comes out of the woodwork and starts spitting this stuff. I swear he's gonna owe OBJ half his earnings when he's done playing.
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Ohmama119 months
If that's shutting down OBJ, I'd hate to see what Verrett considers a bad day.
user avatar
Gulf Coast Tiger119 months
5 for 118 is shutdown?
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HeavyCore119 months
Jason Verrett is down voting everyone
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lsuroadie119 months
I'm sure OBJ would love to get 'shutdown' every game if it means LSU has scoreboard.

Difference btwn you and him young man.
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mmcgrath119 months
Well, the one reception was a very nice catch by Beckham, but defenses would give up that type of play short of a first down all game long.
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Sterling Archer119 months
I think him and Odell are friends.
user avatar
Tigr4evr119 months
This guy should be a politician!! LoL!!
user avatar
Captain Lafitte119 months
I didn't know toads chirped.
user avatar
bradwieser119 months
That's Stan Verrett's cousin.
user avatar
LSU 318 LSU119 months
user avatar
La Place Mike119 months
Odell Beckham would have had 10 receptions and twice the yardage if Verrett hadn't have shut him down.
user avatar
Florida225119 months
Shut down = interfere?
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