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Elliot porter was arrested on simple assault charge on by New Orleans Police on Jan. 5th.

WDSU News is reporting that former LSU center and NFL prospect Elliot Porter was arrested in New Orleans on a domestic violence charge back on New Years Eve, the night after LSU 31-28 loss to Notre Dame in the Music City Bowl.

Police were called to a home Dec. 31 in the 5600 block of Music Street, where a woman said she was threatened by her boyfriend of three years. According to court records, the accused is Porter, a graduate of LSU and former center on the football team, with prospects of going to the NFL.
Porter's attorney Robert Jenkins claims that there is no proof that his client did anything wrong and that Porter was out of town at the time of alleged incident.

"It's my word against your word that the incident took place," Jenkins said. "There is no independent proof. Because these guys are high-profile, it's looking like athletes are not getting the benefit of due process."
Porter did not play in LSU's bowl game on Dec 30 due to an ankle injury and it is unclear whether or not he traveled with the team to Nashville.

WDSU reached out to LSU about the arrest, but the university has declined to comment on this mater.
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skinny domino109 months
Good thing that they didn't have lighting media back in the late 50's early 60's - a lot of our 58/59 Tigers would have been in a heap of trouble.
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LSU 318 LSU109 months
This Domestic violence shite is getting out of control. Women can get any high profile athlete with a domestic charge these days. I don't condone it, but it's time to draw a line. All they want is money.
user avatar
SanJoseTigerFan109 months
It's says he just threatened her....? Confused
user avatar
Cap Crunch109 months
Being threatened falls under assault.

If Porter was out of town shouldn't that be pretty easy to prove?
user avatar
Mulerider109 months
How bad must it be for a girlfriend of 3 years to call the police on you? Something doesn't sound right.
user avatar
GeeOH109 months
Crazy thing is he will be back with her, if not already. This will only hurt his stock and cost him a few hundred thousand.

If she lied, she damn well better be prosecuted on charges that at least carry the same penalties.
user avatar
BayouBengal6884109 months
and this is being reported now? why report this 3 weeks later?
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