In honor of Kobe Bryant's 20th and final NBA season, the five-time champion and 18-time all-star received this custom LSU Football jersey from Les Miles.

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Bryant will play in his final game Wednesday night against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center in Los Angeles at 9:30pm CT.

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El Campo Tiger94 months
Geaux Kobe!!!
user avatar
Rakim94 months
Miles is a media whore and I love him for it
user avatar
PhiTiger176494 months
Greatness recognizes greatness
user avatar
JohnZeroQ94 months
Hopefully his kids will come to LSU
user avatar
BabyTac94 months
This makes zero sense whatsoever, but ok.
user avatar
CaliTigerHB94 months
Damn that is sick! If I see him wearing LSU purple and gold, it will definitely move!
user avatar
FournetteForEver794 months
Les is a smart man
user avatar
StudentoftheGame94 months
Effin whack. Kids see the mamba reppin on instagram and they be committing like errday
user avatar
DownSouthCrawfish94 months
user avatar
Damn that's cool
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