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College Football analyst Phil Steele released his 2015 Preseason Power Poll on his website Thursday and LSU landed at No. 10. Here is how the Power Poll is calculated, according to Steele.

To evaluate teams, I rely on nine different of power ratings that look at different factors. The Power Poll is an aggregate of all nine sets of power ratings, so it tends to be the most accurate summation of how I rate each team. In essence, the Power Poll is the result of numerous computer rankings that have been developed over many years of close study.
Here is the complete 2015 Preseason Power Poll (Top 25):

1. Ohio St
2. TCU
3. Alabama
4. USC
5. Baylor
6. Oregon
7. Georgia
8. Stanford
9. Florida St
10. LSU
11. Michigan St
12. UCLA
13. Notre Dame
14. Auburn
15. Mississippi
16. Oklahoma
17. Wisconsin
18. Arkansas
19. Tennessee
20. Virginia Tech
21. Utah
22. Clemson
23. Oklahoma St
24. Georgia Tech
25. Miami, Fl
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Akit1103 months
Is UCLA really supposed to be that good or are they overhyped again?
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hill durham103 months
I too am concerned about the QB play. The offense is hinged on how good or bad that position is,
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jptiger2009103 months
The Steele loves steele
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Datbayoubengal103 months

The 2010 defense was statically identical to our 2014 defense in total defense, scoring defense and pass defense.

The only real difference was that we didn't finish games like we did in 2010. Notre Dame, Alabama, and MSU (even though they went full retard), we're three games that we should have finished out, but we didn't. That's the difference between the seasons really.

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Mulerider103 months
@datbayoubengal, We have never had QB's this bad and with the depletion of a pretty good defense to the NFL and the loss of one of the very best tackles in the country seeing a +2 in wins this year would be truly remarkable. 2010 and 2011 had remarkable defenses. My only point is this, don't let the hype of a new season cloud your memory of the previous season and the absolute worst QB play of any power conference school arguably in the last 50 years. I am a realist and am keeping my fingers crossed that the QB play can improve enough to give us 10 wins.

Geaux Tigers!!
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Datbayoubengal103 months
@mulerider remember when fans like you were saying we had the worse QBs in college football in 2010, then we went on to win 11 games?

May I remind you that we finished the season with less than 2000 yards passing, 57% completion, less than 7.0 ypa, only 9 TDs and with 11 ints? May I also remind you that 5 of the 6 SEC West teams finished in the top 15, so we didn't have a joke of a schedule either.

My prediction 10-2. Auburn is overrated, and early, and in death valley, and we get MSU early who only bring back 7 starters total. In all likelihood, we will go 8-0. Then we split the last four.
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Wild Thang103 months
Auburn to high
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Mulerider103 months
Does anybody remember that we have the worst QB play in all of NCAA football? Nobody loves LSU more than I do but we really, really suck at QB and if we have indeed improved I would have to see it on the field before I would celebrate a top 10 team.
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