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Former LSU Tiger and current Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson said Monday he believes he's worth more than the $57 million Seattle's Richard Sherman received recently. Per ESPN:

"I'm making OK money right now, but I'm just not making his money right now," Peterson said with a laugh.

Peterson will make $2.88 million in 2014 and $10 million in 2015.

Peterson congratulated Sherman on his contract and said the cornerback position has become a valuable one.

"I think cornerbacks are definitely worth the dollars that they get because now this league is a passing league," he said. "You need that shutdown corner to lock down one side of the field, or like myself, go out there the entire field."
When asked if he thought he was worth more than Sherman?

"We'll see," Peterson said. "Got to ask the Cardinals. I mean, I think I am but at the end of the day both sides have to agree to terms and we'll see what those terms are and hopefully sooner than later."
Peterson has made the Pro Bowl in each of his three NFL seasons.
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user avatar
Datbayoubengal118 months
Haden just got 68 mill for five. I know Pat contract gone be at least 60 mill for five.
user avatar
BoudreauxinGA118 months
"Pay dat man his money!"
user avatar
whoisnickdoobs118 months
I wish I made "okay" money
user avatar
ApexTiger118 months
Patrick returns kicks for TD's so yeah he is worth it and more IMHO if we're talking "market" worth
user avatar
Navytiger74118 months
Boy's come a long way. $2.88M is OK money :)) Hope he continues to tear it up.
user avatar
Jwodie118 months
My man...get paid big Pat!

The face of #DBU!
user avatar
Camo Tiger 337118 months
He doesn't need to be making "his money" or "Sherman money". Go out and make that Patrick Peterson money. When he leads to the ship in 2 years he'll get his. Payday coming up!
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