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After Odell Beckham Jr's amazing catch on Sunday night in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the former LSU wide receiver is become a favorite amongst many New York Giants fans.

During an autograph signing on Monday night in Long Island, NY, Beckham Jr was an add-on to a Victor Cruz's event but ended up getting way more attention because of his great catch on Sunday night. Per ESPN:

Eric Levy, vice president of athlete relations for Steiner Sports, said that before Sunday night, the company had sold 125 autographs of Beckham. By the time Beckham sat down in the chair at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Monday night, they had committed to Beckham signing 300.

"We're running out of photos," Levy said. "We've already booked him for another signing to keep up with demand."
Beckham has this to say about the new attention he is receiving.

"It has been pretty surreal, you can definitely say that," the Giants' first-round draft pick said. "Phones have just been going off. I can't respond to everybody, but it's a great moment for me and my family. It's a lot to take in."
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