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Music City Bowl President and CEO Scott Ramsey said that nearly 55,000 tickets have been sold for this year's game between LSU and Notre Dame on December 30th. Per the

"I really think we've got a good shot to be north of 60,000 based on historical paces in the last couple of weeks before the game, which we would be really pleased with," Ramsey said. "Any time you get in the upper 50s, lower 60s, that's a great success when you're talking about the out-of-town folks that are going to be comprised in that crowd."
Ramsey also went on to say that Notre Dame fans have bought slightly more tickets than LSU fans so far:

"It's really tough to tell because we don't know who's buying them off the secondary market," Ramsey said. "I would say right now we're getting a little more interest from Notre Dame fans who don't have an opportunity to see Notre Dame very often. We feel like that's a regional call right now. Obviously, their fan base is a little more national than LSU's, so that's not all that surprising."
According to the report, LSU nearly has sold its entire allotment of 8,000 tickets and is expected to ask for additional tickets. Average attendance for the Music City Bowl is 58,710 over the past 10 years.

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Spankum110 months
Glad to see that folks are still interested in going....mediocre seasons on both teams' part had me wondering....
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SirWinston110 months
Nashville a fun city
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