LSU's Les Miles talked about QB Anthony Jennings on Wednesday.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
On Wednesday's SEC Coaches Teleconference, LSU head coach Les Miles was asked what quarterback Anthony Jennings learned from being benched before the Auburn game.

Miles responded by saying that Jennings was not necessarily benched but that It was more or less the evolution of the position.

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FT112 months
user avatar
bkirby2112 months
I call bull
user avatar
CSATiger112 months
So if I got fired, I'm not fired, my job just evolved?
user avatar
Mrtommorrow1987112 months
Hopefully he evolves back to the bench
user avatar
monsterballads112 months
les doesn't want to throw him under the bus
user avatar
macanLSU112 months
That's the way Miles chooses his words. We just have to accept it!
user avatar
TheMadeMan112 months
Morons speak moron speak
user avatar
lsusteve1112 months
"Hopefully he evolves back to the bench"

He gives us the best chance to win right now.......why not support it?
user avatar
Traffic Circle112 months
Does the coach's position 'evolve' or do we play 1970's football indefinitely?
user avatar
11thACR112 months
AJ was fired for One (1) Week.....
user avatar
jpbTiger112 months
And that's why we love Les. Protects his players, and chooses his words carefully.....
user avatar
BRMIKEY112 months
I'm not breaking up with you.......Our relationship just evolved.
user avatar
BoudreauxinGA112 months
Either live in Les's world or go root for Bama. He'd love to have you on board, but if you're not with him, I really do't think he gives a frick!
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