According to this article, LSU football players will begin using concussion-sensing mouthguards from Seattle-area startup i1 Biometrics during practice and also in games.

Kirkland-based i1 Biometrics today announced that it is partnering with LSU for a beta program that will outfit several players with its Vector mouthguards, which can measure the linear and rotational accelerations of head impacts during practice and games.

A tiny chip inside the mouthguard — along with an accelerometer, gyroscope, battery, and antennas — helps show the severity and location of impact to a player’s head, with all the data sent in real-time to a handheld device used by trainers on the sidelines. The goal is to help LSU and other teams better assess the severity of potential concussions that players can endure on the field after big hits.

The Tigers will outfit a small group of its players with the mouthguards during practice and games this season. LSU is the first collegiate team to test the i1 Biometrics device.
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Doug Masters112 months
Seeing how we don't receive concussions, I have to assume that device measures the concussions we give. :)
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TwoDatBait112 months
Tts close until the 4th when Sims tries too hard to make a play and makes a mistake, 27-14.....LSU
user avatar
colors_of_kings112 months
That thing's gotta be incredibly awkward sticking out the front of their mouths!
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wesman21112 months
Good thing we have the depth that if someone has to miss a few plays for the results to come in, we don't have a drop off.
user avatar
Peliclown112 months
Lol ikr
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Sid in Lakeshore112 months
Kudos to LSU. Take them out for the BAMA game.
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