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LSU moved up one spot to No. 4 in ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) Rankings after Saturday's 42-28 win over Florida.

Projected W-L: 10.5 - 1.7
Probability to win out: 5.9%
Probability to win conference: 12.9%
Remaining Strength of schedule rank: 2
FPI: 24.2

Rank, Team, FPI:
1, Alabama, 31.2
2, Ohio State, 30.0
3, Clemson, 26.6
4, LSU, 24.2
5, Wisconsin, 24.0
6, Georgia, 23.8
7, Oklahoma, 23.2
8, Penn State, 22.9
9, Oregon, 21.8
10, Auburn, 21.3
11, Notre Dame, 20.5
12, Florida, 18.4
13, Utah, 16.3
14, Washington, 16.0
15, Michigan, 15.0
16, Iowa State, 14.4
17, Texas A&M, 14.4
18, Missouri, 14.2
19, Texas, 13.5
20, Iowa, 13.5
21, UCF, 12.8
22, Mich. St., 12.3
23, S Carolina, 12.3
24, USC, 12.3
25, Baylor, 10.2
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CDawson52 months
GA had number 6 tells you the validity of this poll.
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DoubleDown52 months
Uhhh wha? It's the FPI and you clearly don't understand it's not a poll. UGA still has a shot, they just MUST win out, including the SEC Champ. Game. UGA still plays 3 more ranked teams (currently) so their FPI value is higher.
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Solo Cam52 months
Solid ranking that has A&M at 17 lol
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koLSU8652 months
Probability to win out: 5.9% This made me laugh. There's only one team in front of us that we won't be favored by double digits over and I'm betting the line on the Alabama game will be them -6.5 or something like that with three of those points coming from home field advantage.
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DoubleDown52 months
LSU still has a monster schedule ahead of them with Auburn and Bama (away). Miss state and Ole Miss games shouldn't be slept on either.
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Louisianaboy8752 months
You guys know these polls are based off what's been done in the past. Even if you are having a stellar year currently, they are gonna look at previous years.
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voodooidotwo52 months
Florida beats auburn and ranked after them. LSU beats two top 10 teams and ranked below teams who have no top 10 wins
user avatar
CaptainJ4752 months
Based on that logic of UF-Florida you are assuming that South Carolina should be ahead of Georgia
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voodooidotwo52 months
If you use logic, which it appears you are not able to, you will see SC is 3-3. Georgia is 5-1
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jampat52 months
Georgia ranked way to high.
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UncleSlick52 months
How does this system even work? LSU has the best two wins of any team in the country and is ranked 4th?!? Not to mention Georgia above undefeated teams, Oregon over Auburn, Auburn over Florida... Nice ESPN
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