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AP Pollster Jon Wilner of the has LSU sitting on top of his top 25 poll at No. 1 following the Tigers 28-24 comeback win over Wisconsin on Saturday.

In my estimation, LSU’s victory over Wisconsin stands as the best result of the weekend — the Badgers (No. 5 on my preseason ballot) are several notches better than South Carolina (No. 18).

If upcoming results dictate, I’ll downgrade that evaluation of LSU’s win.

Here we go …

Also considered (no particular order): Duke, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Missouri, Cal, North Carolina, Central Michigan, Mississippi State, Iowa, Michigan, TCU and Nebraska.

1. LSU
2. Texas A&M
3, Florida State
4. Georgia
5. USC
6. Alabama
7. Oklahoma
8. Oregon
9. Michigan State
10. Wisconsin
11. Oklahoma State
12. UCLA
13. Baylor
14. Stanford
15. Auburn
16. Mississippi
17. Ohio State
18. Notre Dame
19. West Virginia
20. Marshall
21. Tennessee
22. BYU
23. Texas
24. Kansas State
25. Arizona State

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Dude is an idiot
Reply105 months
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I'm drinking the Koolaid baby!!
Reply105 months
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This dude is legit
Reply105 months
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If we were Alabamastan, we'd claim this as a National Championship!
Reply105 months
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Who cares? The polls should be irrelevant at this point. Wait until the committee comes out with their poll and then we can start looking at polls
Reply105 months
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He is totally discounting Clemson. Doesn't even rank them in his top 37. Flawed!!!!!!
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WTF dude must be on crack.
Reply105 months
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