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CaptainYaYa10 days
This is not a negative on Jefferson so hold your fire! Paying that kind of money on any player other than a qb is insane. I would rather invest in multiple, lower tier players and keep my bank account healthy. Rarely do these deals work out for the betterment of the team.
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Shiftyplus19 days
It is what it is. You either pay him, or lose him. They decided keeping a potential future HoFer is worth it, even if it limits the overall roster in other areas.
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CTtiger3011 days
I think he was a 2 star on most sites
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coming out of high school, he was the 75th ranked player…in the state of Louisiana lol

I remember cursing the staff for wasting a scholarship on him

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Strannix11 days
Florida gonna reset both those marks with Sunbelt Billy's NIL cash
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6R1212 days
Happy for him. Wasn't he just a 3-4 star recruit? I forget how bad they all missed his potential.
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Bill W Tiger12 days
3 star
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burreauxxx12 days
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Fightin Okra12 days
Chase will have to swap teams if he wants that kind of money
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TabasgeauxHD12 days
And Ja'Marr in the background of the picture checking his phone to see what his Agent is saying about resetting the Non-QB salary record.
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idlewatcher12 days
Underrated comment ^
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Oh yeah and the guy who's going reset the record in the background. JAMARR!! The legend of 2019 continues to greaux
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Bayoubred12 days
Awesome. 35 mil a year for JJ. Congrats Tiger!
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