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LSU coach Les Miles was asked Wednesday after practice if Leonard Fournette has taken out an insurance policy in case he gets injured before being eligible for the NFL.

Miles responded by saying he believes Fournette has one in place but was not completely sure and didn't care to get into specifics.

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Miles also provided the following response for those who think Fournette should sit out to avoid risky an injury. Per The Advocate:

“Think about if you bypassed some part of your college career anywhere, any place, and you have an opportunity to have impact on your team and win one game. You don’t realize how far tomorrow is in anything. I don’t know how you give up what is a pretty sure today for a real nice, very probable speculative future. We’ve always felt this way: if I can do just one thing that would be so noteworthy, ultimately that would be the key piece. You’d better enjoy your life where you’re at as opposed to always getting to the next step. I always used to be around coaches that constantly job-hunted They couldn’t enjoy where they were at. They were always on the phone, kinda texting on the side or making calls. I just always enjoyed where I was at. I absolutely enjoyed it. I don’t know how you don’t or how anybody could get caught up in that tripe.”
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ntgreek00104 months
Not to bring up bad things but look at Chad Jones and his car accident. I guess Fournette can't leave his house either. Unfortunately bad things happen that can't be predicted
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LoveThatMoney104 months
I love how, every once in a while, when it matters to him, Les drops the act and actually speaks plainly. He did it when Travin Dural rescued a woman from an overturned vehicle and he does it here in the middle of a media shitstorm to say what is most important to his life philosophy. And they are wise words to live by.
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19104 months
Imagine an all-world college QB, influenced by talking heads that haven't suited up in eons to sit-out his Jr. year for fear of injury. So, instead of being safe n snug in an indoor practice facility or athlete dorm or pre-game meal or what have you, he's out riding the roads with his homies or standing on a street corner even, and has a life-threatening accident, much less a pulled hammy.

Nothing is guaranteed in life. Playing it "safe" is, in reality, not as safe as it sounds. Do what you do, and damn the torpedoes.
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Walt OReilly104 months
Well said Les.
user avatar
C104 months
Les is a wise man.
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sportsaddit68104 months
I agree that was a Chavis burn.
user avatar
Wild Thang104 months
LES speaks the truth!!
user avatar
JustinT37104 months
It's easy for Les to enjoy where he is at. He's the head coach of LSU and lives in Louisiana!
Where could be more enjoyable?
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L S Usetheforce104 months
Words to live by. As a healthcare professional, you aren't guaranteed shite.
user avatar
HeavyCore104 months
Did he just subtly slam Chavis at the end there??
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