During an injury timeout on the field last Saturday, its was obvious that the LSU student section began chanting "F*** You Saban" towards Alabama's head coach Nick Saban who spent 5 years in Baton Rouge as the head coach of the Tigers.

On Monday night, LSU athletic director Joe Alleva issued the following statement about the incident. Per

“Unfortunately, a small minority of people chose to diminish the image of our great university by engaging in a profane chant directed toward Coach Saban. We are deeply sorry that such crude behavior occurred in Tiger Stadium, because that is the antithesis of what we represent at LSU.

“If it occurs in the future, we will make every effort to identify those who choose to act in this manner and make sure they know they are no longer welcome in our stadium. Our hope, however, is that this will never happen again.
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TheMadeMan111 months
Too much LSU in the students
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JETigER111 months
What about Joe Alleva telling me to not go on the field when I had no intention of going on the field? where is my apology.
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LSUChamp06111 months
Students do not realize that Saban revamped the football program.
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tigerfan5803111 months
"Alabama's head coach Nick Saban who spent 4 years in Baton Rouge as the head coach of the Tigers."

he was here 5 years....
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