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rbm124 months
Yes, It's important to convey the virtues of good habits fulfilled throughout the day, daily. The staff above and below is unison and in place to accomplished high expectations of fun outcomes on Saturday nights at LSU. However is it the job of a head coach to instill character in players? Moreover, what is with the PC code speak of "positive coaching" as if anything else is automatically construed as demeaning players. I hope Coach Kellie isn't virtue signaling here like I am with the spelling of his name. We make no apoloigies for our cautionary curiosities in our preseason speech. Quite frankly, we have become jaded and need to hear what really makes a winning team and not the liberal cliches from those doctrines. We understand one thing it produces, snowflakes and that doesn't prepare a team for the gridiron battlefield. How about talking from the head coaches who have had championships consistently over time? Conveying words of accountability not building character. Hoding your athletes to account for every cell in their bodies focused on any given assignment at hand. A level set and targeted far beyond their own comprehension. Knowing all along by having such impossible high standards the consequences weed out the weak minded liken the sparks flying out from the head coach's sweated arm hammering on an anvil forging out his indestructible leaders whose only sole purpose is to demostrate how the strong survive to the rest of their teamates! Is that too old school? Shut up, we should be grateful with our NIL players in hope not to loose them with such harsh demeaning words. After all they have mothers too! I prefer men forged from a mallet off an avial than positive coached-up talented boys when going into battle. But hey what do I lnow I'm just a Tiger fan!
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gpttigers24 months
Love it. A head coach that speaks with reason and experience. Reminds me a lot of a few former head coaches that were successful here.
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Geaux Guy24 months
What a breath of fresh air.
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