Former LSU players Craig Loston, Ruben Randle, Odell Beckham Jr, and Nic Jacobs got together after the Jaguars-Giants game on Saturday night in New York and posed for this great picture.

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Pretty cool. Way to represent fellas.

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ATLTiger102 months
Nic Jacobs actually caught a TD for the Jags last yr. Talented dude, wish he'd stuck at LSU, but oh well. Good luck.
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lake2280102 months
Is the L for Losers
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hairydude102 months
Most animated I've ever seen Rueben.
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bapple102 months
Rueben kinda looks like Lebron here.
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Sid in Lakeshore102 months
Good to see Nick Jacobs and "Poppa" getting some love. Hope they "stick".
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Datbayoubengal102 months
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c on z102 months
Had no idea Nic Jacobs was NFLing.
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