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Elliot Harrison with NFL.com named five former LSU football players to his NFL's All-Under-25 Team. They are:

Cincinnati Bengals RB Jeremy Hill
New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.
Arizona Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu
San Francisco 49ers S Eric Reid
Pittsburgh Steelers P Brad Wing

Here is what he had to say about Hill, Mathieu and Beckham Jr.

Running back: Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals
While the running back position continues to be devalued around the league, the Bengals managed to get a nice return on investment from their 2014 second-round draft pick. Hill rushed for 1,124 yards on just 222 carries -- that's 5.1 yards per rush.

Wide receiver: Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants
How do you describe Beckham's rookie season? Scintillating? Sensational? Stupefyingly sweet? No matter how you define it, the extremely productive campaign was something to behold. Beckham set a rookie record by averaging 108.8 yards per game. This is the most electrifying young wide receiver to enter pro football since Randy Moss in 1998.

Safety: Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals
Unfortunately, we have yet to see a full, healthy season from the "Honey Badger." But we certainly have seen the immense talent, particularly when it comes to his innate ability to just make plays. He can tackle, rush the passer and cover the slot. And here's the thing: He's still just 22 years old. As the pro game continues to slow down for him from a mental perspective, he'll become even more of a beast.
You can read his summaries on Eric Reid and Brad Wing here.
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BhamDore108 months
Do you know what All-pro means?
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TheMadeMan108 months
Define top 3 moron. They aren't top 3 and Lacy is shit.
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TheMadeMan108 months
I don't see any Bama players at all

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BhamDore108 months
The list is obviously trash. All pro CJ Mosley or All pro Marcel Dareus not on the list makes it a joke. Both are under 25 and top 3 in the entire league at their positions. No mention of Lacy either. shite list.
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DoubleDown108 months
So if LSU is NFLu - why are you so bad in CFB? Either your current coach sucks or you're not NFLu, those are your only 2 options.
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Ldrake53108 months
PP7 is 24
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TheMadeMan108 months
i don't see any Bama LBers
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Skooter108 months
They mentioned Jarvis at the bottom saying they really wanted to sneak him in there
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Mulerider108 months
How many of those guys are Saban recruits?
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educote108 months
Jarvis should be on the list
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TenTex108 months
Wow, that is an impressive list of Tigers!
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jeff5891108 months
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