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ESPN has ranked LSU No. 3 in their 2015 Preseason FPI. The FPI ranking is "designed to predict how strong each team will be this coming season."

FPI is an estimate of team strength – not a ranking of who will have the highest win total (which is dependent on schedule) and not who is most likely to make the College Football Playoff. Preseason FPI is calculated using three major components for each FBS team: prior years’ offense, defense and special teams efficiencies; returning starters and head coach information; and recruiting rankings.

1. Ohio State
2. Alabama
3. LSU
4. Baylor
5. Oregon
6. TCU
7. Notre Dame
8. Ole Miss
9. Georgia
10. Arkansas
11. Texas A&M
12. UCLA
13. USC
14. Tennessee
15. Oklahoma
16. Michigan State
17. Stanford
18. Auburn
19. Clemson
20. Arizona State
21. Florida State
22. Mississippi State
23. Georgia Tech
24. Missouri
25. Virginia Tech
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TOKEN108 months
Let's get Harris ready!
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DoubleDown108 months
Man, it's all a guess until Saturdays. It's why I love CFB so much. I miss it already!
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Lsu101205108 months
Honestly... This seems about right.

We have a beast of a team... That does not always translate however, due to many factors.

Good QB play and some more turnovers on defense and we will make a run.
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