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ESPN dropped down LSU one spot to No. 3 in the latest SEC Power Rankings after beating Arkansas last week. Georgia jumped the Tigers after beating Auburn.

3. LSU Tigers (8-2)
The Tigers actually got on the scoreboard this week and enough to be victorious over Arkansas, though fans would probably have preferred more than the 24 they put up.
Complete SEC Power Rankings:
1. Alabama Crimson Tide (10-0)
2. Georgia Bulldogs (9-1)
3. LSU Tigers (8-2)
4. Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-4)
5. Kentucky Wildcats (7-3)
6. Texas A&M Aggies (6-4)
7. Auburn Tigers (6-4)
8. Missouri Tigers (6-4
9. Florida Gators (7-3)
10. South Carolina Gamecocks (5-4)
11. Tennessee Volunteers (5-5)
12. Ole Miss Rebels (5-5)
13. Vanderbilt Commodores (4-6)
14. Arkansas Razorbacks (2-8)
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LSU beat Georgia who beat Florida who beat LSU. The difference between LSU and Georgia is that one played Alabama the other did not. Their previous ranking of LSU 2, Georgia 3 was correct right now. However, once Georgia loses to Alabama in the SECCG, the ranking will change back to where it should be.
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Apparently, I don't really understand what the power rankings represent...
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They put us behind a team that we trounced...that makes sense.
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