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Caption: LSU's Barkevious Mingo, Bennie Logan, and Sam Montgomery at the 2013 NFL Combine.

According to David Ching of, LSU deserves the "Defensive Line U" tittle for the 2000s. Here is what he had to say:

1. LSU (200 points)
Four-time award winner, All-American and first-round NFL draft pick Glenn Dorsey produced 68 points by himself, but LSU is “D-Line U” because of the sheer number of outstanding players it has produced. There are 21 draft picks in all, including first-round picks Dorsey, Marcus Spears, Tyson Jackson, Michael Brockers and Barkevious Mingo. That’s an amazing legacy, which helped Les Miles’ Tigers barely edge Texas for the top spot.

Award winners: Dorsey - Outland (2007), Lombardi (2007), Nagurski (2007), Lott (2007).

Consensus All-Americans: Chad Lavalais (2003), Spears (2004), Dorsey (2007).

First-team all-conference: Lavalais (2003), Spears (2004), Claude Wroten (2005), Dorsey (2006, '07), Drake Nevis (2010), Sam Montgomery (2011, '12).
NFL first-round draft picks: Spears (2005), Dorsey (2008), Jackson (2009), Brockers (2012), Mingo (2013).

NFL draft picks, Rounds 2-4: Jarvis Green (Round 4, 2002), Marquise Hill (Round 2, 2004), Wroten (Round 3, 2006), Al Woods (Round 4, 2010), Nevis (Round 3, 2011), Montgomery (Round 3, 2013), Bennie Logan (Round 3, 2013), Ego Ferguson (Round 2, 2014).

NFL draft picks, Rounds 5-7: Howard Green (Round 6, 2002), Lavalais (Round 5, 2004), Kyle Williams (Round 5, 2006), Melvin Oliver (Round 6, 2006), Chase Pittman (Round 7, 2007), Ricky Jean-Francois (Round 7, 2009), Lazarius Levingston (Round 7, 2011), Lavar Edwards (Round 5, 2013).


College football award winners:
10 points
Consensus All-Americans:
Eight points
NFL first-round draft picks:
Eight points
Coaches' first-team all-conference picks:
Six points
NFL draft picks, Rounds 2-4:
Four points
NFL draft picks, Rounds 5-7:
Two points
Awards included: Awards included: Heisman Trophy (all-around), Maxwell Award (all-around), Walter Camp Award (all-around), Bednarik Award (defensive player), Bronko Nagurski Trophy (defensive player), Lott IMPACT Trophy (defensive player), Ted Hendricks Award (defensive end), Paul Hornung Award (most versatile), Lombardi Award (lineman), Outland Trophy (interior lineman).

The complete Top 10:
1. LSU (200)
2. Texas (196)
3. Georgia (182)
4. Oklahoma (174)
4. USC (174)
6. TCU (158)
7. Penn State (152)
8. Florida State (148)
9. Clemson (138)
9. North Carolina (138)
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1SECfan116 months
I couldn't agree more and looking at this data, proves LSU deserves this title!
user avatar
TheFreakyRobber116 months
Call me when LSU is Quarterback U, all that other stuff is good but Meh.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal116 months
@ DoubleDown "LoveThatMoney is right on. The "lists" are cute and nice and all. But what's it translate to at the end of the day?"

Look at that jelly Bammer.

What you and some of the LSU fans seem to fail to realize, is that this is why we are in a Golden age of LSU football. In the 90s, we accomplished nothing. Since 2000, we have dominated NFL drafts, won conference titles, won national championship(s), and took back recruiting in our own state. Remember how Miami and FSU and others use to cherry pick players from this state? Remember how long ago that was?

We are NFL and that will continue to get us great press and recruits. The championships will come now that we have a top OC to balance a top DC.
user avatar
leRev116 months
"No one else in the country has to play Alabama AND Florida every single year."

Hate to be that guy, but... Tennessee. Either way though, our schedule is always top notch and is what every top school should strive to play every year.
user avatar
LoveThatMoney116 months
"No one else in the country has to play Alabama AND Florida every single year."

And Oregon or Wisconsin... We've shied away from cupcake OOC games the last several years as well. Unlike some teams in the SEC...
user avatar
wesman21116 months
We should be scheduleU as well. I still think we play the toughest schedule year in and year out. No one else in the country has to play Alabama AND Florida every single year.
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DoubleDown116 months
LoveThatMoney is right on. The "lists" are cute and nice and all. But what's it translate to at the end of the day?
user avatar
LoveThatMoney116 months
You would think being DBU, RBU, and DLU, we'd have more championships... These lists are friggin ridiculous, but it is pretty cool to look at everything players in recent history have accomplished.

Plus, I suppose it could be a recruiting tool.
user avatar
mkibod1116 months
I love all the publicity, but listing every position with U added on the end is getting a little old. Just leave it at NFLU. That does the proper justice.
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LSU 318 LSU116 months
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